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Michael Bennet Keeps Going Backwards on Child Benefits

Finland’s Economy Really Is Highly Socialized

Warren’s Head Tax Is Not More Popular Than A Payroll Tax

A Common Misunderstanding of Warren’s Head Tax Proposal

New Paper: The Leisure Agenda

How to Approach Medicare for All Financing

New Poll Finds Voters Strongly Oppose Employer Insurance

The Urban Institute Report Did Not Score Medicare for All

Evaluating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Poverty Plan

Fining Corporations That Pollute Carbon Is Quite Popular

3P Endorses Rebecca Parson for Congress in WA-06

The US Welfare State Cut Poverty by Two-Thirds in 2018

Sanders Is Right: 50 Million Lose Their Insurance Each Year

Medicare for All Would Cut Poverty by Over 20 Percent

3P Endorses Heidi Sloan for Congress in TX-25

The UBI Already Exists. It Is Just Unevenly Distributed.

Labour’s Inclusive Ownership Funds Should Be Fine

Situating Basic Income and Job Guarantee in the Welfare State

Bernie Sanders Endorses “Green TVA” Approach to Green New Deal

How Should Domestic Work and Domestic Workers Be Organized?

People's Policy Project Endorses Ihssane Leckey for Congress in MA-04

The Heartland Institute Put Out a Very Stupid M4A Analysis

Health Insurance Churn in the US Is a Nightmare

Don’t Blame the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend

Bidencare System Will Kill 125,000 Through Uninsurance

A Primer on the Different Types of Labor Unions

50 Million Adults Are Uninsured Every Single Year

Low Income People Have More Student Debt Than Realized

Global Green New Deal for the Developing World

Top 1% Up $21 Trillion. Bottom 50% Down $900 Billion.

The LIFT+ Credit Cuts Poverty by 45 Percent

Rashida Tlaib Breaks the Curse of the Trapezoid

The Difficulty of Using the Firm in Socialist Policy

Bernie Sanders Gives the Nod to Funds Socialism

The Unequal Distribution of Nonworkers Across Families

The Family Fun Pack Is Getting Some Traction

Fresh Support for Social Wealth Fund Development

Are Benefit Phase-Ins Completely Pointless?

The Two-Income Trap Stuff Is Clearly Incorrect

Matt Bruenig in NYT: Universal Health Care Might Cost You Less Than You Think

Providing Reparations for Victims of Unfree College

Hospitals Will Do Fine Under Medicare for All

New Paper: An Innovation Policy for the Green New Deal

Working Families Tax Relief Act Says ‘Fuck You’ to Poor Children

US Workers Are Highly Taxed If You Count Premiums

People Lose Their Employer-Sponsored Insurance Constantly

The Trilemma of Welfare, Middle Class Taxes, and Predistribution

Market Incomes Will Always Produce Hideous Inequality

Single Payer Myths: Crowding Out Other Government Spending

Medicare for America Will Force People Off Their Insurance

American Family Act Still Has Serious Design Flaws

Wealth Inequality Across Class and Race in 5 Graphs

The Conservative Objection to the Family Fun Pack

What’s the Point of Modern Monetary Theory?

Notes on Elizabeth Warren’s Child Care Proposal

The Reception to the Family Fun Pack

NEW 3P PAPER: The Family Fun Pack

More Deceptive Reporting on Medicare for All

Norway Is Far More Socialist Than Venezuela

Fighting Climate Change with a Green TVA

Baby Bonds Only Modestly Reduce the Racial Wealth Gap

Should the Price of Carbon Be Determined by the Market?

How to Reform Payroll Taxes to Fund Medicare for All

CBO Will Score All Health Reform Plans as Nationalization

Sweden Has a 70 Percent Tax Rate and It Is Fine

The Three Types of Populist Economic Policy