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FIXED LINK: People's Policy Project is Working on Non-Compete Impact Litigation

People's Policy Project is Working on Non-Compete Impact Litigation

Who Are the Poor in 2021 and 2022?

The End Child Poverty Act Would Dramatically Reduce Poverty

Holistic Admissions Criteria Favor the Rich

Race-Conscious Admissions Are On Stronger Footing Than Ever

How to Turn Rep. DeLauro’s Baby Bonus into a Universal Parental Grant

Biden Can Probably Forgive Student Debt Even If SCOTUS Rules Against Him

Pennsylvania Could Be the First State to Design Paid Leave Correctly

The SNAP Work Requirements

The Debt Limit Situation

Minnesota Parental Leave Plan Excludes Large Minority of Potential Mothers

Is the Ghent Unemployment System a Good Idea?

Are Consumption Taxes Regressive?

The Starbucks Union Has Now Won 300 Elections

Democrats Insist on Ridiculous Eligibility Rules for Child Care Subsidies

Tlaib, Omar, and Garcia Reintroduce the End Child Poverty Act

What To Do About AI-Driven Job Displacement

The Case for Free School Lunch

Over 20 Percent of People Lacked Health Insurance Between 2017 and 2020

Uncapping the Social Security Tax

Before Slashing Social Security, Cut 401(k)s

Social Security Full Retirement Age Increased by 2 Years While Life Expectancy Decreased 0.4 Years

Washington’s Working Families Tax Credit Will Exclude Half of Low-Income Children

All Twelve State Parental Leave Programs Are Awful

Washington State’s Parental Leave Program Excludes a Huge Amount of New Parents

It Would Be Easy to Provide Universal Pregnancy Coverage