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The Folly of Means-Testing a Child Allowance

The Romney Child Allowance Is Good

What to Do About Very Bad Parents?

CBO Child Care and Pre-K Estimates Assume Massive State Non-Participation

Rehashing the Child Care Proposal

Illustrating the Wisdom of Universal Benefits

Visualizing the Child Care Subsidy Cliffs in the Dem Proposal

Build Back Better Does Not Implement the Child Care and Pre-K Plans

How Much Money Would Each State Get Under the Pre-K Plan?

The Incredible Shrinking Pre-K Plan

New Dem Paid Leave Plan Eliminates Eligibility for the Lowest Earners

DC’s Education Superintendent Confirms Big Price Hikes from Dem Child Care Plan

Dem Child Care Plan Could Exclude Half of Black Kids

Dem Child Care Proposal Uses Welfare Reform Tactics to Exclude the Poor

The Case for Making Parental Leave Actually Universal

Amazon Story Illustrates the Problem with Democrats’ Paid Leave Plan

One More Time on Child Care

Responses to the Child Care Piece

Democratic Child Care Plan Will Spike Prices for the Middle Class by $13,000

Short Video About the Problems with the House Paid Leave Plan

A Reconciliation Family Benefits Cheat Sheet

Problems with the Democratic Child Care and Pre-K Proposals

New Child Tax Credit Is Not Reaching the Poorest Families

Why Is There a Labor Shortage?

Sept: Eight Million Removed From UI. Only 194,000 New Jobs.

Let Me Walk You Through How Stupid the Paid Leave Bill Is

Senate Unemployment Insurance Proposal Needs Improvement

A Sharper CTC Means-Test Would Make the Program Way Less Popular

18% of Eligible Children Are Not Receiving Monthly CTC Payments

House Paid Leave Bill Does Not Preserve Existing Plans

August Job Growth Was Twice as Fast in States That Retained UI

Comparing US and Nordic Labor Taxes

NYT Prints Highly Misleading Piece Against New Child Tax Credit

The Department of Labor Should Overhaul the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics Program

Setting the Record Straight on the UI Cuts

The House Paid Leave Proposal Is Awful

The Economy Will Still Be 5.3 Million Jobs Short When Pandemic UI Is Eliminated

35 Million People Will Lose Unemployment Income On Sept 6

Childcare Disruptions Remain a Recovery Bottleneck

State Payroll Data Shows No Employment Spike in States Cutting UI

Recent Unemployment Benefit Cuts Devastated Incomes While Only Negligibly Increasing Employment

5 Ways to Make the Child Tax Credit Work Better

The Biden Administration Can Extend the Eviction Moratorium

Congress and Biden Must Extend Unemployment Benefits

In 41 Days, 20 Million Americans Will Lose UI Benefits

Two-Thirds of People Now Receive Monthly Benefit Checks

What Could Have Been for the Child Benefit

Neal Paid Leave Plan Excludes 42% of New Mothers

It Took Two Days to Make a Good CTC Website

3P Releases Its Own Child Tax Credit Sign Up Website

The Child Tax Credit Non-Filer Tool Is a Mess

The Unemployment Cuts Have Begun

Biden Planning to Illegally Cut Unemployment Benefits

Social Asset Building with the American Rescue Plan

IRS Confirms Major CTC Participation Problems

What Is Going On With Inflation? Vacations and Chips.

What Michal Kalecki Meant by Full Employment

Big Increase in Jobseekers Who Are Finding Jobs

Biden Should Sunset the EITC Not the CTC

Parent Carers Really Should Get Child Care Benefits

Problems with Biden’s American Family Plan

Biden’s American Family Plan Excludes the Poor

Common Ownership Is Actually Good

An Exchange Public Option Could Save $170 Billion

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Medicaid and Medicare Drove Increases in Insurance

Clearing Up Confusions About the PRO Act

The Fight For Full Employment Starts Now

States Should Activate Extended Benefit Triggers

Where Do We Go From Here on Tax Credits?

The Success Sequence Has Found Its Latest Mark

Simulating the Minimum Wage in the Tax Code

A $15 Minimum Wage Increases the Deficit for Good Reasons

Oren Cass Wants Child Benefits for Everyone But the Poor

Who Should Administer a New Child Benefit Program?

The Newest CTC Proposal Is Still a Mess

Romney’s Child Caps and Phase-outs Are Pointless

Romney’s Child Allowance Improves on Biden Proposal

The Child Tax Credit Proposal Still Needs Improvement

Comparing Three Types of Child Benefit Designs

Why Make Bad Policy When You Can Make Good Policy?

Monthly Child Tax Credit Would Be a Train Wreck

Navigating the Child Benefit Sweet Spot

NEW PAPER: Now Is the Time for an American Child Benefit

Biden Can Unilaterally Increase Obamacare Subsidies

What Is a Good Tax Credit? Am I Losing My Mind?