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Public Ownership Is Suitable for All Sectors

US Companies Are Flush With Left Over Cash

Avoiding Climate Change Without Sinking the Poor

Welfare Benefit Types: Flat, Means-Tested, Trapezoid, and So on

A Child Allowance Would Be Very Effective at Poverty Reduction

Important Not to Confuse Monopoly and Wealth Inequality

Various Measures of the Distribution of Student Debt

Public Wealth in the US and Nordic Countries

The White House’s Deceptive Pickup Truck Math

The Economic Equality Agenda in a Nutshell

3P Gives Glenn Kessler 8 Pinocchios for Healthcare Bungle

Cory Booker’s $700 Billion Social Wealth Fund Proposal

Response to Andy Kessler on the Social Wealth Fund

Do We Really Need a Second Earned Income Tax Credit?

The Great Contradiction in Job Guarantee Advocacy

Three Brief Notes on the Climate Change Debate

Glenn Kessler Continues His Incoherent Nonsense

The Dramatic Rise of Public Ownership in Midcentury Sweden

Democrats, take note: If you want to raise wages, put pressure on employers

Critiques of Labour’s Inclusive Ownership Funds

The Labour Party’s Inclusive Ownership Fund Is a Good Idea

A Progressive Case for a Carbon Tax-and-Dividend Scheme

The Best Way to Eradicate Poverty: Welfare Not Jobs

Medicare for All Is Really Not That Confusing An Idea

I Went to Finland and Had an Interesting Time There

What Does Sweden Teach Us About Fighting Inequality?

Announcing Our Fifth Major Report: Social Wealth Fund for America

Medicare for All Makes Other Spending Priorities Easier

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Jake Tapper’s Faulty Medicare for All Fact-Check

Provider Payments Only Fall by 10.6% in Mercatus Study

The Mercatus Medicare-for-All Report in One Graph

Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers on Medicare-for-All

Glenn Kessler's 32 Pinocchios and the Continuing "What Is Socialism" Debate

Are State Officials in Nordic Countries Unaccountable?

Even Libertarians Admit Medicare for All Would Save Trillions

Mercatus Study Finds Medicare for All Saves $300 Billion

The No-Brainer Case for Universal Long-Term Care

Nordic State Ownership of Enterprise Is a Real Thing

Create a Public Bank by Renationalizing Ally Financial

“Do We Want the Government in This Business at All?”

New South Wales Launches My Community Dividend Program

Allowing Shareholders to Opt Out of Political Spending

The Severe Health Consequences of Housing Instability

We Must Take Disability and Aging Support Work Seriously

Permanently Nationalize the Banks During the Next Crisis

Musings on the Meaning of Democratic Socialism

Welfare Beats Jobs When It Comes to Poverty Reduction

What’s Behind the Decline in Women Working?

Do Nordic Countries Really Have Less Regulation?

A Fun Way to Solve Social Security Insolvency

Ro Khanna’s Danish Approach to Active Labor Market Policy

Randy Wray Argues a Job Guarantee Will Suppress Wages

Work Levels in the US and Nordic Countries

How to Think About a Child Allowance

The Marx Ratio and the Trouble with Coops

The Job Guarantee and National Accounts Gaming

Hyman Minsky Really Did Oppose the Dole on Principle

Hyman Minsky’s Views on the “Welfare Mess”

Everyone Can Have Their Own Job Guarantee

Full Human Beings: An argument for incarcerated voter enfranchisement

Could Coordinated Wage Setting Solve Everything?

Only 1 in 3 Americans Work Full Time

Prior Models for Workable Workfare Work

The Gender Wage Gap Across the Whole Distribution

Women Actually Earn Around 40 Percent Less Than Men

A Six-Point Plan for States Who Want Free Obamacare

How Does a Job Guarantee Differ from Unemployment?

How to Fairly Sort Students for College

A Plan to Solve the Housing Crisis Through Social Housing

“Fixing” the ACA Exchanges Only Makes Them Worse

The Case for Family Welfare Benefits

Bad ACA Rules Cost Low-Income Americans $2 Billion a Year

The U.S. Spends Far Too Little on Social Welfare

Some Notes on Federal Job Guarantee Proposals

The SAT Can Level the Playing Field in Education

The State Owns 76% of Norway’s Non-Home Wealth

The Nordic Myths That Never Seem to Die

Rising Homelessness Will Get Worse Under Trump Budget

How Capitalist Is Singapore Really?

Initial Property Continues to Vex Libertarians

Obamacare Works Better With Monopoly Insurers

Why Should Health Care Be Completely Free?

Thoughts on the Medicare Extra Proposal

Disability and Poverty for Adults in 2016

Efforts to Circumvent the SALT Cap Are Dumb

America’s Bizarre Income Distribution for Children

US Children in Two-Parent Families Have High Poverty Rates

The Rubio-Trump Plan Clearly Penalizes Parents

New Andy Slavitt Project Apparently Rejects Obamacare

The Median Young Family Has Nearly Zero Wealth

A Goofy Paid Leave Proposal That May Be Worth Cynical Support

Mass Incarceration: New Jim Crow, Class War, or Both?

How To Handle Real Estate With A Social Wealth Fund

Medicaid Work Requirements Demonize The Poor And May Be Illegal

FIXED LINK: Medicaid Work Requirements Demonize The Poor And May Be Illegal

The Norwegian Government Owns Most Of The Country’s Wealth

Small Business Promotion Is Mostly A Bad Idea

A Few Bad Arguments Against Basic Income

Single Payer Could Stop The Rural Hospital Closure Crisis

The Growing Problems With Rural Healthcare Exchanges

The State And Local Tax Deduction Is Bad Policy

It Is a Happy New Year for the Wealthiest 160 Americans Who Now Control $2 Trillion of Wealth